Shane Araujo

Shane Arujo
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[Shane Araujo: 3/27/2017, 9:17:11 PM] 
It was great to watch everyone weigh-in today. I remember that feeling and it's exciting. I'm looking forward to working out with my alumni group. I've known some of these guys for a long time. 
We will be setting the tone. Watch.
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Bill Hickle

Bill Hickle

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Redo -

When I was in elementary school we played a lot of games during recess...Dodge ball, freeze tag, hide-n-seek or other games. Occasionally we would play a game or do an activity that I would mess up on...One that comes to mind is kickball.  As the ball would be rolling towards me I knew I was going to crush it but sometimes I would wiff...I missed it...Never made connection with the ball.  I kicked at the air...Took my eye off the ball.  And out of embarrassment I immediately called for a redo! (Or do over) Sometimes I would get one and sometimes I would be denied.  It all depended on the other kids.   I always liked getting to redo the wiff...The second time I was more measured and focused on the ball so I wouldn't make the same mistake.  Even if I didn't kick a home run on the next attempt I always made solid contact and the ball would be in play.

The word redo is what I am doing as a former FWSW contestant.  I have been given another chance (A do over) not wiff...To figure out where I missed it the first time and focus on the end goal...A healthy and whole me that is stable physically, emotionally and relationally.   Not everyone gets a second chance to correct the "Wiff" but when it is given we should be grateful and focus on why we missed the first time.  That is my goal for season 10 - Discover what I missed the first time...Where did I take my eye off the goal?  I want to put the ball in play on my second chance.




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