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Team 5 - Kelly Green & White

Team 5 Nutritionists: Stephanie Robbins  Colleen Incremona

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Robert Cann

Sarah Newton

Julie Pedraza

Kristin Sordelet

Kristin Sordelet, 29 years old, born and raised in Fort Wayne.  Was a multi-sport athlete in highschool and played basketball in college, Bethel College, for 3 years. Come from a large,supportive family who will be cheering me on through this 15 week program.  I own my house and car and have a cat named Charlie.  I coach basketball at St. Charles and softball at Canterbury  High School and love doing both! My interests include: reading, hanging with friends and family, laying out by the pool and swimming, watching tv (especially sports) and coaching.  Thanks for the support and following me through this life changing event, I wont disappoint! 

Follow my journey through my blog below.

Anthony Winebrenner

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  • FWSW is the product and motivation that myself and others would be willing to pay endless amounts of money for! The contestants learn how to eat healthy and why, your body goes from barely being able to run to running a mini marathon, apply and pray, if you are chosen you will feel as if you hit the lottery!!

    Sheri Ward
    Season 5

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