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My name is Angie Myers, I am 29 years old and live in Fort Wayne, IN. I have been married to Jd Myers for 4 years and we have 3 1/2 year old twins named Otto and Lucy; and a 10 month old daughter Idell. My husband and I enjoy doing yard work and anything outside with our kids. I also really enjoy fixing up our home and making it just how we like it.   I am beyond excited to be apart of this program and look forward to learning healthy habits on my weight loss journey.   

My Blogging Journey:



Week 7 ended quite well...finished strong with 6 miles this past Saturday. I have been so nervous leading up to this run, my goal was to run the entire 6 miles and I DID. I was beyond excited that I was able to do this. That last mile was extremely difficult but I made it:) Every week we are adding a mile to our runs to prepare for the half marathon on July 4th so these runs are getting increasingly harder. Week 8 started extremely well, I finally was able to get a big loss for a week...5.2 LBS!!!!! Feels so good to see the hard work paying off on the scale. Today was a day full of pushing sleds:) Workouts are getting harder and miles are increasing so Im sure this will help keep my losses constant. Tomorrow is the half-way point, I can not wait to see my results after an other 7 weeks!




Week 7 has started. Had weigh in last night and I lost 2.4 pounds, not much of a shocker that's what I have been losing about each week. Not really what I was hoping for I will take it!  Today we really picked up the intensity with the workouts, my arms and shoulders were incredibly exhausted. I did however, feel pretty amazing after the workout...I have not lost a ton of weight but I am starting to be able to focus more, when I started the program I was really tired by the afternoon and I no longer have those feelings. I can definitely see the benefits of losing the small amount of weight that I have and can not wait till I continue to lose to see what other benefits I'll experience. Saturday we are bumping the miles up to 6!!! I ran all 4 miles this last Saturday and was very happy I was able to keep going and not walk. I know I will make it through the 6 miles, just hoping I continue to push myself and run as much as I absolutely can. This time is flying by we are almost at the half way point!




Week 6 is almost over!!! Definately getting into my routine, I am starting to see changes in how my clothes fit and this is encouraging. I know I am getting stronger too. I am able to go longer and faster on our runs and every workout I am able to do more then before. I try not to focus too much on losing the weight but it can be difficult because I am not losing it very fast. Made some adjustments to my nutrition this week so I am hoping this helps, not to mention the extra credit I had this week!!! :)  Pushing those sleds is no joke, that was one of the harder workouts I have done!  Half way point is creeping up very quickly, cannot wait to see how I change in the weeks to come!




This weeks weigh in was more of what I have been hoping for, lost over 4 lbs!!!! I was beyond excited about this.  I do feel a little bit more pressure though, I am hoping I can continue to have consistent losses. Had a really good run last Saturday with the run group, running coach Ashley ran with me the whole time and this was really helpful, she helped keep me going even when I felt like I couldn't go anymore. For some reason I am extremely nervous about this Saturday's run we are doing 5 miles!!! Mostly afraid of giving up I guess. Trying to continue with a good attitude, I know I can do it if I put my mind to it. Can not believe week 5 is over already this is going by crazy fast :) I have been staying on track with my nutrition and getting my second workouts in, for some reason I am not feeling as good about this weigh in, so hoping for a good weigh in Monday!




Almost done with week 4!!!  I can not believe we are already this far into the program seems like yesterday when we started. My legs are so sore from ambers class yesterday :) In a good way of course. Running has been going really well, did 3 miles on Saturday and going to be running 4 this Saturday. We really pick it up each week with the workouts. Struggling a bit with a head cold I am hoping this goes away soon so I have focus better on my workouts. Weigh in Monday was slightly higher then the previous 2 at 2.4 lbs. I may not be dropping big numbers but I am thankful that I am being consistant and making good clean food choices. Still working on bumping up my calories, this surprisingly can be difficult but when my options are only healthy options it becomes more difficult. Still working hard to keep the pounds coming off the scale. We will see what Monday Brings!


Another weigh in last night and I again lost only 2 pounds...I am thankful for losing and not gaining or losing nothing but I really felt like I for sure did everything right this week especially with nutrition and getting my second workouts in. After speaking with my nutritionists for this week I am going to start adding a pinch of salt once a day because I am not getting enough sodium in and I am also ADDING calories. This makes me slightly nervous but if my body is holding on to these pounds because I am not giving it enough food I will give it a try. Starting week 3's workout I can really feel the intensity increasing. I am really hoping this helps with higher losses with future weigh ins. Today Jenna from the Blue team encouraged me to run a mile with her after the morning workout and I hesitated and I am so glad she pushed me to do this! Thanks Jenna!!!! I really felt awesome after doing this, I think I have a running partner! Also really excited that one of my friends who is not in this program is starting to come to the gym with me for my second workouts, really helps knowing that person is counting on me to be at the gym with them. I think she will do really well with the running and the Saturday morning workouts. Looking forward to what the week brings and I am really hoping the hard work shows on the scale next week!!




Well we had weigh in last night and I was slightly disappointed in my loss but I did lose so I am thankful for that. After speaking with alumni I am feeling more encouraged then I was last night. I feel like I am working hard getting my second workouts in and eating right so I know eventually this will pay off. I am working with my nutritionist to see where I can improve on my diet to ensure that I am doing everything I need to be doing in that aspect. Workouts are getting harder as the days go by. Right now one of the hard parts is feeling motivated to get my second workout in. I have everyday so far but once I get off work I am tired and don't want to work out, I am hoping as time goes by I will have more energy and motivation at the end of the day instead of being tired!! I wasn't able to do Cece's workout on Saturday because I had to work but I am looking forward to doing this in the Saturdays to come so I can get a bonus workout in. She knows I will be concentrating hard whatever is she has us doing :). First week down, 14 to go! Looking forward to all the progress I'll be making down the road and all the tools I am going to learn to help me succeed.


Had Nutrition class and first weigh last night!! Super nervous during weigh in but everyone was great and I got that first weigh in out of the way so I never have to see those numbers again! During the workout today my group did a baseline mile to see what our starting point is. I do believe I finished somewhere around 12:29 (I could be off on this). My personal goal is to get this under 10 minutes or as close to 9 as I can. Also did workouts with the trainers and the rest of the groups! I think my Legs will be sore but in a good way. Looking forward to  getting my second workout in with some of the other contestants tonight!


Today was extremely motivating and really informative. I am extremely grateful to all who are volunteering time to make this possible for me!! I'm looking forward to everything that's going to happen in the weeks to come!

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  • Guest - Richard Dickerman

    What a weight loss you had this week. What a great accomplishment with your run Saturday. I am so glad you set yourself a strong goal and then accomplished it. You are doing so great and are so amazing. Stay strong and focused. Can't wait to see what is waiting you in the future.

  • Angie-
    We truly enjoy your kick butt attitude. You come in to work hard and get it done! You are very intense with your workouts and make no excuses! We see you pushing to your limit and we enjoy watching this!
    We know you have wanted bigger weigh losses, but please know we know you are doing everything RIGHT! The losses are coming and you are changing. You need to continue doing what you are doing and losses will keep coming!
    Love seeing you run and go to the next level. You have a great pace going and have no doubt July 4 you are going to conquer those 13.1 miles! Keep up the GREAT work!
    Here's to WEEK 8 the half way point!!
    Tina & Rick FWSW

  • Guest - Richard Dickerman

    Angie so glad to read that you ran the full 4 miles last week You can do the 6 miles this week Just take it a mile at a time. One foot in front of the other. You have the mental strength and the physical ability to do it Just don't give in and stay strong and focused.

  • Enjoyed you in extra credit this week. You worked hard. My fingers crossed that this is the week that things change a bit as far as being rewarded on the scale. If not we will figure it out, I promise. Keep that great attitude and your gonna be just fine. Rick and Tina

  • You did the 5.....!!! Tina and I are proud. There is nothing wrong with being afraid. We said this was mind body and soul. Your mind will become stronger just like your body. For now just trust us, we will not ask anything of you that you cannot do. Trust your weigh in, the scale doesnt lie.... keep up the hard work. Rick and Tina

  • Guest - Richard Dickerman

    Angie you really showed strong yesterday doing CeCe's class before the 5 miles. That is showing commitment and desiring to get everything you can out of the program. You have a strong will power and commitment. Keep hanging in there and pushing yourself. You are doing great and will be able to see great results as you continue the program and beyond.

  • Angie-
    You are pushing super hard in the workouts. Especially can't believe your squats!! Geez girl you are flexible!! Way to get low! We have no doubt the results will be there just know we are all here to help! You kicked it up Saturday at the run. Oh my goodness running with Ashley and not stopping=STRONG & MIGHTY!! Have no doubt by July 4th you are going to really kick some butt!!
    Love seeing how you truly are embracing the FWSW program. You are very intense and show how bad you want to change your life.
    Keep up the great work!
    Week 5 begins tomorrow and the time will go by so quickly): Soak up every second..
    Tina & Rick FWSW

  • Guest - Richard Dickerman

    Angie Friday in Amber's class I was watching you as we worked out. You were going so strong and really pushing it. Yesterday you were just as committed at CeCe's class. Hopefully you are able to get your calories picked up. You will see the results as you keep pushing forward.

  • Guest - Richard Dickerman

    As you are doing a great job at losing weight I want to share some advice before the weight loss costs you too much money.
    The first area of advice is your fingers. You don’t realize how much weight you are losing there and if you are not careful you will lose more. I remember waking up Thanksgiving morning and my right hand reached over and I discovered that my wedding ring was missing. Luckily the day after New Years I found my ring and we hadn’t bought a replacement ring yet. I then went and got my ring resized. When you start noticing your ring getting loser got to the store and got plastic attachments for your rings so they will not fall off while you keep losing the weight.

    The second piece of advice is how to look at your clothing during the losing process. I came up with the rent my clothes attitude. When I started at size 42 pants I eventually went into Salvation Army to see how close I was to size 40 and they fit. I then bought a few paris of 40 and kept a couple of my 42 pants. I then went through my closet and packed up everything too big for me then and dropped it off at the Salvation Army donations box (it is important not to keep large sizes around and tempt you to fall back into the old size. I then kept watching and when I got down to size 38 I went and donated the remaining 42 and bought at Goodwill a couple of size 38 pants. I decided that paying $5 to actually rent a pair of pants for 3 or 4 weeks was a good investment. I decided to rent my clothing until I got down to my desired goal and pay out tons of money many times Remember it will be a process and plan how to control your money during this process.

  • Guest - Richard Dickerman

    Angie i really enjoy watching you work out especially when you are working out on your own. You are very so focused and dedicated when you are working out. I can see the determination and commitment in you as you are working out. Keep that focus and you will enjoy the results.

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