Cassandra Mccormack

Social Media - Cassandra Bowman - is currently with Dyson. Her experience includes advertising, marketing communications, social media, website and blog development, photography, and video editing. 

Cassandra first came to Chicago to pursue her Master’s Degree but fell in love with the city. She is an avid dog lover and Rolling Stones enthusiast. Cassandra graduated with her Master’s degree in Journalism from DePaul University after getting her Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University. You can find her running with her sheltie, Mick Jagger, or album cover shopping for her collection. Cassandra also dedicates her time to the non-profit organization Fort Wayne’s Smallest Winner, and organization dedicated to educating and assisting overweight people. Cassandra assists with Social media, marketing, and writing materials. She enjoys yoga and running with her sheltie Mick Jagger.