Paula Casserly

Paula started working with FWSW after she worked through a season of Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Smallest Winner(BMSW). During her season she learned that she was capable of jogging further than to the fridge and back to the couch. She began to see how much working out and eating clean changed the way she looked and felt. After finishing her season she started volunteering as an Alumni during a season ofFWSW and then helping with another season of BMSW right after. During all the seasons she’s worked with FWSW she’s finished two half marathons, a hand full of 10k’s and many 5k’s. Paula would have laughed at you if you would have told her that she would finish even a 5k in her life, let alone a half marathon. She even has a full marathon on her bucket list.

Paula now helps represent the Alumni which normally number as many as the contestants each year. She helps coordinate all that they need before, during and sometimes even after each season. She’s passionate about service and there are many to serve with each year of FWSW. She feels blessed and honored to be able to give back some of what she has been blessed with over the years.