How To Apply for 2019

Are you looking to apply for a future season?  Here is a lot of the information you'll need to consider before applying for a future spot with us.

 Here are a few things you'll need to know as you get ready to consider your entry to become a contestant for an upcoming season. 

 You need to be at a minimum 50 lbs. over weight.

The cost of this program is FREE* for up to 25 contestants  (*You will only need to purchase boxing gloves if you are selected and consider a quality jogging/running shoe - we will help show you ones to consider)


EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:  Have a conversation with your family - make sure your family is in full support.  This is a 15 week overall program.  The 15 weeks are coordinated like a "boot camp", concluding with a finale event both in early July.  This program truly does become a family event when you consider the lifestyle changes that will come from this program.  Our program is not designed to be a "quick fix" or "temporary loss" program, but a program where you are fully committed to losing weight and then intending to follow that training and nutritional guidance and adapt them throughout your changed lifestyle long after the program is over.


You must have health insurance coverage and supply a copy of your health insurance card with your application.


THIS IS A CONTRACT FOR A HEALTHIER YOU:  What does that mean?  Yes, you will be required to sign a contract that includes stipulations such as reporting your weekly weight for minimum of one (1) year after the program completes.  You are required to not smoke, chew or vape and cannot consume alcohol during the program.  Any infractions could result in termination from the program and/or prohibit you from continuing on as an alumni if you complete he program.


Have your family medical history information available.  This is a physical challenge that includes jogging/running, stair climbing, aerobics, and many other physical challenges and we want to make sure you're healthy enough to participate.  We encourage you to talk with your doctor about our program and your intent to want to participate.  You will be required to provide a medical release from your doctor that you are healthy enough to participate.

You'll need access to a video camera (or someone that can record for you) in order to produce your 2 minute video that you can then upload to our website during the application phase.

The time commitment for the 15 weeks will be as follows: Mondays from 6:00 - 7:30 pm for nutritional training.  Tuesday - Friday from 5:45 am - 7:00 am for workouts along with 2 to 3 additional evening workouts required at Spiece along with mandatory Saturday workouts.  WE ASK THAT YOU STRONGLY CONSIDER RESCHEDULING VACATIONS during this time frame.

Part of our program does involve swimming and/or water aerobics.  We would ask that you know how to swim, but if you do not, we simply ask that you not be afraid to be in a pool that would have water up to neck deep.

There will be some minor expense on your part.  Each selected contestant will be required to purchase a set of boxing gloves (we will provide them for you to purchase).  They will cost about $25.  You will also want to consider a good quality jogging/running shoe for work outs as you will be walking/jogging/running most everyday.  We highly recommend you consider visiting Three Rivers Running Company and get fitted for a good quality running shoe.  This could cost you about $100-$120, however you can go where ever you wish.

You'll need access to a desktop computer or tablet.  Part of our program requires you to blog on our website weekly and fill out your nutrition tracking daily throughout the program.  You will also need to be a FACEBOOK user.  We rely heavily on our Facebook page to keep our teams up to date with weather and other happenings.

Finally, you will be required to attend our finale at the end of the program.  The Season 11 finale will be Saturday July 14th, 2018 at 6pm, during the Three Rivers Festival, Midstates Body Building Competition.


We are excited about the possibility of working with you and we are looking forward to seeing each and every one of your video entries.  GOOD LUCK.

God Bless!