Rick & Tina Walters

It's takes many volunteers to make this program a success, but it all had to start somewhere.  Rick & Tina Walters are the Co-Founders and here is there story about why Fort Wayne's Smallest Winner is here today.

We both love motorcycles, cars, health, exercise, and helping others. We have been married for 20 years.

Tina loves giving back and helping others. Tina owns her own company and is honored to be part of FWSW and watch people change their life. Nothing better then giving back to others what God has graciously given us. Tina completed her first Marathon November 2015 in Las Vegas. 

We have a beautiful daughter named Cassandra. Cassandra attended Indiana University for her under graduate degree. She received her Masters Degree in Journalism at DePaul University. We are so proud of her & she is helping us with FWSW through the social media area! She lives in Chicago and works for a great company.

We are so blessed with so many volunteers who make FWSW what it is today! We know without their giving hearts, talent, & time FWSW would not be a reality.

We are also grateful to all our Sponsors who help make FWSW a reality! We know the Sponsors are who have allowed FWSW to evolve into what the program is today. 

Loving Life & all the gifts from GOD! Looking forward to a Successful Season 10! #lovethelifeyouhave

Rick & Tina Walters
FWSW Founders