Frank Murphy

Frank Murphy

Running Coach

For most of his life, Frank did not enjoy running ... not by any stretch of the imagination. Until the age of 43, he was out of shape, eating poorly, and thoroughly unconcerned with his own health. That changed when he was selected as a contestant for the 2013 season of FWSW. Not only did he get in shape, learn to eat properly and take responsibility for his own health, he gradually discovered joy in running.

When FWSW season six began, Frank was intimidated and terrified by the thought of running a half marathon at the end of the season. Fortunately, he stuck with it and started to see results. As his weight dropped, his stamina and speed increased. Gradually, running became a little easier and a lot more enjoyable. He was wholly unprepared for that moment when he realized that he actually *loved* to run! Four years later Frank continues to run, having completed over 100 races, including fifteen half marathons, ten full marathons and five ultramarathons.

In January 2016, he slipped on some ice (entering an outhouse at a state park) and broke his ankle. While this injury was definitely a setback, Frank cooperated with his surgeon and physical therapists to continue training in a safe, responsible and patient manner. He has made a full recovery and learned quite a bit about himself in the process.

Frank knows first-hand the struggles an overweight person faces to begin running and the difficulty an injured person faces to properly rehab an injury. He also knows first-hand how life changing it is to overcome those very same obstacles. The FWSW staff invested heavily in Frank and he is very grateful for the opportunity to return that investment and do for new FWSW contestants what has been done for him, i.e., show the way towards embracing an active, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.