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My name is Melissa Rorick and I am a mother of 2 children ages 3 and 10 months. I work for SCAN(Stop Child Abuse and Neglect) as a supervisor in the Be SomeOne Now Program. In my spare time I  enjoy playing with my children, crafts, being outside and listening to music.


My Blogging Journey:


Another tough day for me. This week has shown me that I can be vulnerable during this program and still be successful. I am thinking WAY to much about disappointing people when I have been working my hardest. I had a good talk with Tina today who told me to remember that when we work out there is a NO JUDGEMENT workout. For some reason, I feel that everyone is watching everyone else and trying to be better than others. I need to get that out of my head and work MY hardest and not everyone else's. I am the only one that knows my body and what I can and can't do and I feel that I am letting myself down by trying to compare myself to everyone else. My goal for next week is to focus on myself and not what I think everyone wants from me. I am going to work HARD in workouts and do a better job with meal planning.  

As I think more about my struggles this week, I reflect on the many words of ALL  of my supporters. They keep telling me that I can do it, that I am already doing it and that I will succeed if keep doing what I have been doing and just push myself a little bit harder each day. I think that I have to start believing in myself more. I have never had very good self-confidence and now that I am actually doing something for me, I hope my self-confidence will come and continue to grow as I continue to shrink.

Thought for the day: Dare to soar-how successful you are is determined by your attitude. (My attitude about this program is amazing, I just have to get out of my own head)


Today was by far the toughest day for me. I had a really bad day at workout today. I felt as if I wasn't good enough to be there and that I should give up. With todays interval sessions, it was more apparent to me for some reason that I am not as strong as I thought I was(at least that is what I was thinking). When it was time for our 4 session, I just broke down. I was to the point that I didn't want to finish, but then Tina noticed that I was having trouble and pulled me aside and I just started crying. I think everything has finally caught up to me and I just had a break down. After taking some time for myself this morning, I realize that I CAN AND WILL put all my effort into FWSW and become a better person because of the training. I am taking this time to reflect on how I am feeling and want to put everything on the table at this point. I believe that every trainer, nutritionist, behaviorist, Rick & Tina and everyone else involved in this terrific program give 100% all the time so that is what I am going to do. I don't want to let anyone down especially myself. Thank you to my Red teammates who made sure I was ok today and encouraged me through my difficulty today. I appreciate each and everyone of you. Tomorrow is a new day and I am going to embrace this opportunity to the fullest and NOT give in to my mind telling me that I need to stop. I CAN do this program and will succeed. God Bless



Second weigh in was last night. I was very nervous that I wouldn't lose anything. Watching everyone before me getting good numbers I really thought, I would be the first one to not lose any weight. When I got on the scale the number displayed was 250.0.  4 pounds lost!! WHOOO!! That brings my total so far to 12.8 pounds lost. I am so happy and excited that the weight is coming off. Let week 3 begin!

Today's workout with E.J, CeCe, Emily, Josh, and Mari was INTENSE to say the least. There were 5 stations and we all rotated(except for Mari's group they were doing Gravity). We did boxing, stairs, and medicine ball workouts and let me tell you, I was sweating and wishing it was over. It was a great workout though, but I feel I need to push myself a little harder especially when I feel I want to quit. Everything in my body hurts this morning and we get to do it all over again tomorrow! I am going to push myself harder tomorrow.

My second workout for today is going to be jogging/walking the track! I am hoping to be able to jog more than I walk, but we will see how it goes.


I did not have time to blog yesterday so I am writing this morning. Yesterday(4/12/2015) I walked/jogged my very first 5K. It was the most incredible feeling! At the beginning I was a little nervous about finishing and what my time would be. After awhile I just focused on finishing and not the time. Tina was beside me the entire way which gave me more strength then she will ever know. She was pushing me, but allowing me to push myself to do what I could do. I walked and then jogged so far and then walked again. Each time I jogged, I tried to go a little further. I will say it was hard for me and I almost was to the point that I didn't want to jog anymore. Listening to Tina gave me strength and encouragement to continue jogging/walking instead of just walking. When I saw the finish line, I had a little tear in my eye because I knew I was going to finish. I decided that I wanted to run across the finish line and not walk. So I picked a spot and started running! I finished in 44:19 and was so proud of myself. I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Tina who helped me the entire way and encouraged me not to stop and continue going. I am looking forward to tonight's weigh in to see my results. I am not looking for a huge number just some weight loss! I know I have done my best this past week will continue to grow!



Today was a tough day for me. I was extremely tired during workout this morning and do not feel I did my best, even though there was sweat rolling down my face. I am continuing to work hard at my meal planning and after hearing what my nutritionist told me this morning I am doing a good job, which means everything to me at this point. I am continuing to push  myself to accomplish my weight loss goals along with my own personal goal of becoming a better parent, wife, friend etc. by being healthy and striving to do my best. CiCi's workout in the morning and then Formula for Life on Sunday! Going to be a good weekend!



Last night was weigh in. I lost 8.8 pounds(a true snowman)!! I am feeling so proud of myself that I accomplished some weight loss. I have never had the feeling that I felt last night that I am actually doing something to help myself for once. I am the type of person that is always putting others first and for the first time in my life, I am working on myself. Today's workout was great! I think I sweated more today than I have in the past week(something is working well). I think to myself how much support I have and there is NO reason that I cannot accomplish my goals of loosing about 65 pounds. I feel that my goal is not out of reach and that I can accomplish anything if I really put my mind in the right place! I am looking forward to the Formula for Life race this weekend!



I made it through the first week of workouts! I honestly can say that I am a little sore, but it is a good sore. I never knew how much my body could actually do until I started this program. It was touch today doing wall sits, but with the help of the alumni around me, I made it though. thank you! I am still having a trouble with the meal planning. I am going to work VERY hard at that this weekend and hopefully next week will be better. I am having trouble with coming up with new things to make and eat for all of my meals. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thank you to everyone helping me out on my journey!


Today was pool day. OMG.. I thought being in the water would make it easier. I was SO wrong. I had a great workout in the pool. I am learning so much this first week on how to workout(properly) and eat healthy. I am having trouble with meal planning and getting enough calories each day.  I am working heard on the meal planning and trying to get all meals planned on Sunday, but I am having a hard time with different ideas for meals. Any ideas would be helpful!  Quote for the day: Failure is only a fact when you give up. Everyone gets knocked down, the question is: Will you get back up?



Today was a tough day for me. Amber's workout really pushed me hard. My arms, legs and back are all aching right now, but I know it will get better and that I will be able to do all of what she was teaching us today. I have to get out of my own head and believe in myself before anything will actually change. It is a mind game that I can not and will not let my mind win! I am going to achieve what I have set out to do. I also understand that if I am struggling with something now, in 15 weeks it will/should be easy. Everyone involved in this program are fantastic people and very encouraging. Rose really helped me today to keep me going when I thought I was going to quite. Thank you Rose and all the alumni for your encouragement!



Today was our first workout! My team had to run/walk a mile to see where we were. I ran/walked my mile in 14:03. Right now I think that is a good time for me. I know it will only get better as I continue to strengthen myself on the outside and the inside. My teammates along with all the other season 8 members worked out hard! Good job everyone! Now that the 1st weigh-in and 1st workout are both completed this journey has become reality! I am working hard at meal planning(not going very well yet) and trying to figure out how to get all my needed nutrition in without going over. I definitely will be utilizing our nutritionist!

I am struggling with what to do for my second workouts. Anyone have any suggestions? I am having a hard time figuring out when I can get my second work out in everyday. I will have to work on that so I don't fall behind. I am sure I can get it done though!!



One question I have that I forgot to ask during orientation. Do we have to wear shorts to weigh in or can we wear exercise pants(yoga). I am having a hard time finding shorts right now that will fit me. I know we want light clothing for our weigh in, but if we can not find shorts it is ok to wear yoga/work out pants?

Sitting here on a Friday afternoon, I can't seem to get out of my mind that Monday the 30th will be here soon! I am nervous, excited, anxious along with many other feelings. I sometimes doubt myself on whether I can accomplish what I have set out to do, but the more and more I think about it I know I can do it with all the support, love and friendships I will make throughout my journey. Let Season 8 Begin!!



I am so excited to start my journey with FWSW!! I had my blood work done today and Thursday is my day to get my shoes!! I am beyond grateful to all of the FWSW alumni, Rick & Tina, trainers, nutritionists, sponsors and everyone else that is involved with helping all of us on our journey!! Let's all get excited!!


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Comments (15)

  • Girl, getting out of your own head can be a very difficult and trying task. I'm so sorry to hear that you were holding yourself to such high expectations in comparing yourself to others. I'm pretty sure that most of us do the same thing. I know that I have a really hard time looking around and seeing everyone who is doing so good at planks, and I am horrible and beating myself down for it. I can't understand it because it's not for me to understand. I can only do what I can do. It's easier said than done - like i said, I struggle with comparing myself, too.

    On another note - you did awesome at the 5K! I was really impressed with how you were pacing yourself and determined to walk and run! You are doing great!!!

  • Melissa-
    I SO enjoyed walking/running with you today in your FIRST 5K!!! You did AWESOME!! SUPER proud of you telling me how far you wanted to go! You really conquered today on so many levels. You are a wonderful young lady and I loved getting to know you better.
    I have NO DOUBT you are going to do great. One POLE AT A TIME :) hehehe our secret LOL!!!
    GREAT job on your double SNOW MAN last week!! SUPER cool you had the FIRST double SNOW MAN!!! Way to push hard and see the results!!! Keep up the great work!!
    Here's to a GREAT WEEK 3!!
    Tina & Rick FWSW

  • Guest - Richard Dickerman

    Melissa you may have been tired Friday but remember YOU SHOWED UP!!!!! You didn't come up with excuses to stay home. You came and you worked out the whole time. I'm glad the nutritionists come and see you during the week. It must be great to hear that you are doing things right. Keep doing the right things and you will enjoy the results.

  • Guest - Rose Murphy

    RE 4/7/15 post
    Melissa! What a feeling!! Congrats on the awesome weight loss!
    As far as helping others and not yourself, Tina reminded me just this week, that I have to take care of myself before I can take care of others, so true! Otherwise , how can we keep helping them?
    So glad you have the support you need and that you are so confident about meeting your goals!
    What a freakin awesome feeling!

  • Guest - Julie Pedraza

    Melissa - Great job in first weeks weigh in! A true double snowman!! So exicited to watch your transformation over the next few weeks :) You are always smiling and having fun during workouts and I love that!

  • Great job, Melissa! Keep up the good work. Go Red-White team!

  • Yes week one in the book. The one hour each day you have is actually the easiest, the other 23 you must make choices and plan your foods for the day. You said several times in your blog you are having problems with food ideas, ask your nutrionist she will be of great help. Start with a good base of simple healthy foods you know are good and recomended. There is time to build on that with more choices but for now stay with what you know. This is boot camp.... you will learn each and every week. Rick and Tina

  • Guest - Stacy barry

    Welcome to the fwsw family! I can't wait to get to know you better! You did amazing on your mile, keep up the great work.

  • Guest - Rose Murphy

    Melissa, oh my goodness, you are so welcome! I could see it in your face how you were feeling! And that is why the alumni are here to help you know you can keep going and cheer you on!
    It will get easier, I would not say easy...
    For 2nd workouts, my hubby Frank (also alumni) always found it easier to workout right after work, instead of going home and having to make himself leave and workout later. You could go to Spiece and use cardio machines or try a group class. ...For me, I would go to a social dance or a dance class because that is my favorite thing to do! Try different things, find something you love, and the journey becomes more enjoyable!

  • Guest - Richard Dickerman

    That mile is done. That was a good pace for your first mile. You will be surprise where you are at when the program is at. For workouts if you are unable to make it to the gym every day you can always email the trainers for things you can do at your house and around your neighborhood I'm sure they will be willing to give you some great ideas. You might also be able to set up an area at your house to do some of the exercise ideas they give you.

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