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Here is the FULL Lutheran Health Network nutrition packet.  This file is approximately 6MB large.  Smaller broken down segments can be found in the articles below.

You can download the FULL PDF HERE.

The following overall nutritional recommendations chart is based upon a 1400 and 1600 calorie diet.  You will also find cards for fats, starches, fruits, vegetables proteins and snack ideas.

An herb is any leaf, flower or stem of a plant used for seasoning food. Spices are seeds, seedpods, barks, roots or rhizomes (underground stems such as ginger) prepared into aromatic food seasonings.

Find what works for you.  Cook one new meal each week to build your culinary skiils.  Vary vegetables and fruits to prevent boredom and increase nutrition.


  • Take it all in..because when it's done, you'll wish you had every moment back. Go hard. 110%. Leave it all out on the floor. At the end, remember how you used to look and feel wben you began and ask yourself if that's where you want to be ever again?

    Shane Araujo
    Season 5

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